12.12.16 - This Week Thus Far

Posted on Mon 12 December 2016 in Blog

So this week has nearly killed me so far.

Firstly, Niantech released another update to Pokemon GO!, which has basically made the game pay to play. Which is both very disappointing and annoying.

At 04:02 and 04:16 respectively, my upstairs lamps switched themselves on. I was awake at the time and nearly had a heart attack. Everything on the network got switched off, instantly. I panicked.

Next morning I checked the apache logs /var/log/apache2/access.log - GOOGLE CRAWLED ME! After a lil Google-Fu I realized Google had crawled the website and activated the .php scripts! Not hacked. This time. Given the snoopers charter also passed in the UK, I'm going to build a pfSense box, very soon.

Last night, at 7:06 the feint hum that usually exists in my room, suddenly didn't exist. ... When you're in a room with a fan or motor running and it stops, then theres an odd quietness, that's what happened.

My hypervisor suddenly powered off. First glance the fans were still spinning so I was thrown off a video I was watching stopped, looked over at the server again, fans not spinning.

Something told me it was power. Gut feeling. I have a 1000w £200 Corsair PSU. 84amps on the 12v rail. No GPU's. Disconnected a few PCI cards, no joy, disconnected rear HDD's - power on. One by one adding back in. (total of 13 HDD's) PSU will only power 4 drives now. Comes with an 8 and a 4 bank SATA rail. Something awry.

This is me at 1am. alt text

Grabbed an old PSU, which was annoyingly boxed up ready to be posted (eBay) and after a few hours of hit and miss have all the original HDD's connected to the server, just via a 2nd PSU which is something I was trying to avoid in the last build!!

Luckily I had one of these laying around so PSU coupling was easy enough. Both power on together, which is nice.

alt text

My tidy, clean, beautiful superior cable job now looks like a fucking monstrosity!

alt text

Scan have accepted the return, all should be good again soon!

All happening this week!