15/11/2017 - A week off

Posted on Wed 15 November 2017 in Blog

I have a week off work. Time to, as tradition now dictates, fuck computer things at home up time! Wheyyy!

This snip was written somewhere between the beginning and the beginning of the disasters:

One of the 3TB's is failing It's been presenting issues in DriveScanner for months I have just brought 2 new 4TB's (197.77 Aria.co.uk) (for fuck sake I can't afford these!) I have a week off work I want to clean MKV32

I have just built an office area

I still have a shit load to finish off around the house

I tried to remove the failing disk, it errored, I went to bed I left the heating on, woke up at 12 Burning with a headache Tried the same thing, it fucked up - removed the .vmdk file Not sure if data lost yet

So you can see where I left off, "not sure if data lost yet". The answer to that, as I found out several hours later, was yes, data was in fact lost. A few terabytes of data. That's really, really not cool.

So this week I've built an office area. I'm no longer crouched over two screens on a cushion. I have a four screen setup with a desk and a chair. Everything is very neatly cabled and functional. The must never be switched off equipment is on one rail, connected to a power meter, the really should be switched off when not in the house stuff, is on a separate rail, with a I can switch this thing off remotely plug. Handy. My back already loves it. I've also moved the TV so I still have a screen in the area from which two of the screens were removed. I have as a result watched several hours of TV this week. TV is still pretty crap.

With the idea of creating this desk area I knew I would have to move the computer stuff around. A general rule with MKV32 is that if it's getting switched off it's getting upgraded. Something major has to happen in order for it to undergo a full power off, a move alone does not constitute this. I, as detailed above, purchased two 4TB HDDs. Two 3TBs out, two 4TBs in. We've done this before. Simple.

I have however never performed said swap with a failing disk. Or a datastore.

Everything fucked up, I lost* a lot of data and had to learn a bunch of new stuff.

*I say lost, I mean, it's gone, but can be restored and is in the process of at the time of writing. Lost.