15/11/2017 - Virgin Media, PfSense - and a dead port

Posted on Mon 12 March 2018 in pfSense,

You may have seen previous posts regarding Virgin Media, pfSense and WAN connection issues, disregard them. Read this.

I FIXED IT! aaaannnnd its gone!

Virgin did the WAN flip. Acceptable. I rebooted pfSense. Ok. I turned off my modem and went to bed. Ok. I woke up, switched the modem, WAN came back to life. Great.

Went to work. Tried to remote in. Not working. Got home - no WAN.

Rinse and repeat. Modem off for an hour or so, back on - still no WAN.


I note that my page(s) are ranked 3rd and 5th in Google's rankings. A few people have been reading my rantings (thanks) so I figured I'd update

If and when your pfSense loses its WAN Connection - in order (don't skip) give the below a go.

1) Verify that it is you who has the problem and Virgin isn't actually down.

Grab something with a LAN port. I use a spare laptop. 
Reboot your Modem.
Using the VM WAN port - plug in to your laptop

Once the lights have settled (pink/purple for me means working) IPCONFIG /RENEW on your laptop
You should see a WAN Address and have internet access

If you do - your problem
If you don't - your internet is working

2) If you find you have a VM problem

You'll need something with a 3/4G connection
Google for "Virgin Media Service Status"
Get into your account and run a line test
It's probably start working after 20/30 mins
(this has worked for me a few times)

If not - keep reading!


Before you go blasting at settings (as I often do) do the basics first.

Reboot your pfSense
Turn off your modem
Leave it off for a good hour
    This is telling VM a router has gone down, after (so I've read) 30 mins they'll run a de-auth, clear logs, tables and reset your DHCP lease
Turn your modem back on
Let it sit for 20 mins - dont even login to pfSense (you can, but you'll be in the same position) just wait. 
After 20 mins - check to see if you have a WAN address 9/10 you will

4) If you've done the basics and are still having issues

Trial and Error. Something is wrong with your setup, you may not have changed anything, but the far end may have done. Trial and Error. 
I have found 100% of the time - reinstalling pfSense just works. (that would be twice BTW) 
Take a backup, reinstall (its six pushes of the enter key and takes less than 5 mins)
Squirt your backup in 

5) Still no?

You may have the same issue I did. Which after the above steps and appropriate wait times had been adhered to was ultimately very frustrating. Very. 
I had a dead port. 99.99% sure. 
WAN port on a very old P35 motherboard was NO-RED (nothing on the left, red on the right). 

Tried a different cable - same thing

Re-assigned an unused port - working instantly.

I decided to update this post as I've seen many people over the years having the same issue. I've read it was fixed in release X. I've read the general ideas of scores of people I'd managed to find links to my posts I'd followed all of the steps I've tired and found to work, only to find I had a hardware failure.

Is it plugged in? ... The basics.

IF you have any other little bits of information - please do reach out to me. 
If you are Virgin Media - we need to talk!