19-20/11/2017 - The Upgrade

Posted on Mon 20 November 2017 in Blog

Its 00:34. MKS. This is the test answer. Screw messing about with MKVI and migrations and test .vmdk's. MKS has a 2TB RDM. The data on the disk is already in the cloud, no risk of data loss. I can move the RDM file from DS01 to DS00 move the VM folder (tested) and see what happens. If the MKS RDM fails to boot/work. I can sync the data later however my impending disasters will remain a while longer. I really need to get to the post office.

Ok so plan B, after a day's wait.

On the one occasion I could really do with prime next day delivery, my item gets lost! I'm kinda sitting on my hands.

2PM day two, drive arrives. I whack it straight in and migrate MKS over to it. The new dive is noticeably faster. The migration takes around 15 mins, it was over an hour last time! Sweet.

Now comes the RDM test. According to VMWare, this process is a simple move. Right click, move, wait, done. I do so.

Error within two seconds. Not enough disk space. The RDM I'm moving is 2TB, to a 1TB disk. However the pointer file is only a few KB. When you write it down, it’s a bit of a facepalm.
I try to move the pointer. No. Try recreate the RDM. No. It has NFTS partitions, can't do that. Bugger.

Turns out you can move your RMD files, if you have somewhere to move them to. You will also require enough space to accommodate said RMD files. I now need to do some reading on this. I had five 4TB disks on a 1TB disk. I think I have a vague idea on how all this is possible but in windows terms, size on disk.

I brought a £20 HDD cloner off eBay years back. Tacky plastic thing. It's gotten me out of a few holes over the years. I gave it a go. Two hours later I had a cloned disk. Stuck it in, booted ESXi. All VM's showing as inaccessible. Bugger.

Drop into the storage view. Clone DS01 shows up. Right click, mount, "do you wish to keep... something about signatures... There's an option that has the word same, I use that one. VMs are now showing correctly. Boom.

Power on MKB. All 5 of the disks are showing. Freekin awesome!

By way of a cold migration and a dirty clone, my ailing 1TB DS01 has been replaced with a brand new 1TB SSHD.

That'll give her a few more years.

ESXi v6.0 next...