23/11/2017 - Almost

Posted on Thu 23 November 2017 in Blog

Almost over now.

I've managed to upgrade MKV32 to point I may hopefully be able to leave it alone again for a long time. Considering the time between the first and second upgrade was several years and the fourth, fifth and sixth upgrades happened within two years, I'd like to think I've got it right this time. Also if you roll it back to the original one box theory, discount networking (I know a lot more about networking now than I did then) I do now have. One box.

 large storage pool - Check 
 virtualized desktop - Check
 multiple monitor - Check
 able to play latest games - Check

(I don’t actually play the latest games but I can play the ones I want!)

I have one minor job left to do, an annoyance more than anything else. During my RDM move test with MKS, I lost the drive and data. No Biggie, MKS is a backup for my cloud services. All I need do is format the drive, remove the RDM, represent it to MKV32, create the RDM, pass that through to MKS and install the desktop clients. Discounting the sync, that's a half hour job. Sync'll run overnight.

My primary datastore is now a 1TB SSHD, replacing a very old 1TB drive. By way of a dirty clone, I was able to copy everything over like for like. This has taken the pressure off the desktop of DS01. DS01 is now as it was pre virtual desktop.

I now have a secondary datastore. A 120GB SSD. My desktop resides solely on this. The desktop has two graphics cards passed through supporting six screens, a four port USB 3.0 PCI, connected to a 10 port 3.0 powered hub. I have USB wireless, audio and Bluetooth. I had an eight port SATA PCI spare, attached that to a Blu-ray writer. This was a little add-on I threw in. I don’t have an optical drive anywhere else, having a BD-RW is quite a nice result and incredibly useful. It is however using just one of eight ports, seems wasteful.

MKV32 is now a beast of a machine. 32GB, i7, 23TB, 1000w, 8 ports GPU