Microsoft Powerapps

Posted on Wed 09 May 2018 in Microsoft • Tagged with Microsoft, Blog


Powerapps. They sound like a fantastic idea. They look great. The ability for non-developers to create applications on the fly and publish them to end users.


Microsoft, where's the fucking documentation?

Asset Check-out template. Fantastic. Just what I needed. Template available. Great.

Half the work is done for …

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Microsoft Surface Fix Display Scaling

Posted on Thu 15 June 2017 in Microsoft • Tagged with Microsoft, Guides

Fix the Microsoft Surface Display Scaling

The oh-so lovely (sometimes) Microsoft Surface books have what appears to be a 3k screen. When using remote desktop, the display will scale to that of the remote computer, which is usually running a 1920x1080 HD display. 3K does not scale well to HD …

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