Microsoft Powerapps

Posted on Wed 09 May 2018 in Microsoft


Powerapps. They sound like a fantastic idea. They look great. The ability for non-developers to create applications on the fly and publish them to end users.


Microsoft, where's the fucking documentation?

Asset Check-out template. Fantastic. Just what I needed. Template available. Great.

Half the work is done for you. No need to mess around. Just "connect your data".

Google it. Powerapps "documentation" "guide" "how to". There is NOTHING.

You'll find a hundred or so Microsoft MVP's explaining in under five minutes just how easy apps are to create.

You'll find half a dozen twenty minute videos explaining how to connect your data.

It's one fucking button.

It does not take twenty minutes to explain.

No where, can I find a working example of a PowerApp. Nor can I find ANY documentation as to how to create an app, with your data that provides a usable, workable end result.

This is, sadly, another of Microsoft's shit-ware applications. Created for the sole purpose of fluffing the interface.

"Look at all the work we're doing"

SFA is what you've done Microsoft - check your own damn forums. Stop telling customers what they need, listen to them. You're not selling hardware. You're not Steve. Your bravado crap-pumping to end-users really has to stop.

If you're going to make it. Make it. Don't fake it.

AKA don't feed me crap and call it chocolate.