Raspberry Pi LIRC IR Remote

Posted on Thu 28 June 2018 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with Home Automation, RaspberryPi, Guides

I had just finished building a 433MHz remote control, and also needed an infra-red controller to complete the PiHome remote. I'd built one before so had a rough idea of what needed doing.

Before you get started, this is a guide explaining how to use an IR transmitter and receiver …

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Raspberry Pi Broadlink RM Pro

Posted on Sun 24 June 2018 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with Home Automation, RaspberryPi, Guides

This one got me excited. Sending commands from the Raspberry Pi to the Broadlink RM Pro.

I don’t know why I hadn't tried before, I'd always stuck to circuitry. I think in this case it was down to necessity.

I was building a remote controller, had successfully built an …

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Raspberry Pi 433MHz

Posted on Tue 19 June 2018 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with Home Automation, RaspberryPi, Guides

I wanted to be able to send 433 signals to my plug sockets and light switches from the Raspberry Pi. I had a Pi 2b and some time spare.

After spending a few hours doing the usual research, I came up with the below, essentially;

 Hookup 433 Receiver/Transmitter
 Install …

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pfSense Interface Reboot Script

Posted on Sun 10 June 2018 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Networking, Guides

I've been having an issue with my PiCams. They'll loose connection to the network and not come back up until the interface is restarted.

That's annoying.

They continue to do their thing locally, so pictures are eventually uploaded but remote access, via VPN and local web access stop working.

That …

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Posted on Tue 24 April 2018 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with RaspberryPi, Home Automation, Guides

RaspberryPi CCTV Camera, it has to be done.

The RaspberryPi was built to have a camera attached, literally. It's small footprint, low power consumption and ease of use make it a perfect project.

As far as I can work out, there are three ways to go about creating a motion …

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15/11/2017 - Virgin Media, PfSense - and a dead port

Posted on Mon 12 March 2018 in pfSense, • Tagged with pfSense, Guides

You may have seen previous posts regarding Virgin Media, pfSense and WAN connection issues, disregard them. Read this.

I FIXED IT! aaaannnnd its gone!

Virgin did the WAN flip. Acceptable. I rebooted pfSense. Ok. I turned off my modem and went to bed. Ok. I woke up, switched the modem …

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Microsoft Surface Fix Display Scaling

Posted on Thu 15 June 2017 in Microsoft • Tagged with Microsoft, Guides

Fix the Microsoft Surface Display Scaling

The oh-so lovely (sometimes) Microsoft Surface books have what appears to be a 3k screen. When using remote desktop, the display will scale to that of the remote computer, which is usually running a 1920x1080 HD display. 3K does not scale well to HD …

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