Creating Raw Device Mappings

Posted on Sun 08 January 2017 in Virtualization • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi, Guides

What is an RDM?

A Raw Device Mapping, can be thought of as a proxy for a physical disk. With ESXI, an RDM is a .vmdk file on a vmfs volume, that points to the physical disk.

Often you'll use RDM's where performance is needed. The VM, database or whatever …

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Amazon's Alexa - Quick and Dirty Voice Control

Posted on Tue 03 January 2017 in Home Automation • Tagged with Home Automation, Guides

My plug socket is behind the TV. I have to do a little twisty jig with my arm to get to it. It kinda hurts.

Its rather awkward.

I wanted to remote control it.

So did, wrote out a little guide and made a video too Amazon Alexa Broadlink RF …

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pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

Posted on Thu 29 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides, Networking

pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

I had to make a few changes to pfSense that needed a reboot. The Virgin Media SuperHub throws a little hissy fit when I do this and drops the WAN IP.

A while back I read about this happening. A few posts suggested there was …

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Posted on Fri 23 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides, Networking

pfSense. Not a clue. No idea. Kinda have an idea. Let's build one!

What is pfSense?

It's a firewall, its a router. It's open source and pretty easy to get on with.

Why pfSense?

I've toyed with the idea of making my own combo router. Never had the hardware. I've …

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Pi Mote - Lights Control

Posted on Wed 02 November 2016 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with RaspberryPi, Home Automation, Guides

I started to loath my Raspberry Pi's. I brought one when they first came out and somehow amassed more over time. My head was full of all the amazing things I was going to build and automate, spurred by all the fantastic projects I'd seen online.

At first, I did …

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Raspberry Pi FTP

Posted on Wed 26 October 2016 in RaspberryPi • Tagged with Guides, RaspberryPi

Installing FTP on a RaspberryPi

Often when working with a RaspberryPi its handy to be able to quickly transfer files via a gui In this guide I'll be using a windows client and a RaspberryPi B running Jessie however I believe all versions of Pi are supported.

From the Pi …

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Download Clients

Posted on Tue 23 August 2016 in Media Server • Tagged with Media Server, Guides

To start off, creating an automatic media center, you're going to need a download client. There are a few out there but I'm going to focus on two, one for nzbs and one for torrents.

sabnzbd for nzbs. It's easy to install, use and configure, works on most platforms and …

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