Scalability Test

Posted on Tue 15 November 2016 in Blog • Tagged with virtualization, Esxi, Media Server

Upgrade Time!

So the idea of the last upgrade was to ensure I had an easily scalable system, hard drives could be swapped out for larger ones when needed. Sadly, I didn't think it would only be 9 months till I was doing it, given the time between the first …

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Download Clients

Posted on Tue 23 August 2016 in Media Server • Tagged with Media Server, Guides

To start off, creating an automatic media center, you're going to need a download client. There are a few out there but I'm going to focus on two, one for nzbs and one for torrents.

sabnzbd for nzbs. It's easy to install, use and configure, works on most platforms and …

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NZBs, Usenet and Newsgroups

Posted on Mon 22 August 2016 in Media Server • Tagged with Media Server

If you are going to use NZB's you will need access to newsgroups and indexers. Usually, these are paid for or invite only services.

An NZB is an XML file containing information about the file such as its name and publish date and also links to the segments of files …

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Ultimate Media Server

Posted on Sun 21 August 2016 in Media Server • Tagged with Media Server, Home Automation

A short guide explaining how my home media server is setup.

Details the services, applications and hardware needed.

My setup is virtualized. Only one server (host) is used, several virtual machines control downloads, backup and media filing and playback.

All media is downloaded to schedule, automatically. I'm able to manage …

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