pfSense Interface Reboot Script

Posted on Sun 10 June 2018 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Networking, Guides

I've been having an issue with my PiCams. They'll loose connection to the network and not come back up until the interface is restarted.

That's annoying.

They continue to do their thing locally, so pictures are eventually uploaded but remote access, via VPN and local web access stop working.

That …

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15/11/2017 - Virgin Media, PfSense - and a dead port

Posted on Mon 12 March 2018 in pfSense, • Tagged with pfSense, Guides

You may have seen previous posts regarding Virgin Media, pfSense and WAN connection issues, disregard them. Read this.

I FIXED IT! aaaannnnd its gone!

Virgin did the WAN flip. Acceptable. I rebooted pfSense. Ok. I turned off my modem and went to bed. Ok. I woke up, switched the modem …

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pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

Posted on Thu 29 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides, Networking

pfSense, Virgin Media, Modem Mode

I had to make a few changes to pfSense that needed a reboot. The Virgin Media SuperHub throws a little hissy fit when I do this and drops the WAN IP.

A while back I read about this happening. A few posts suggested there was …

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Posted on Fri 23 December 2016 in pfSense • Tagged with pfSense, Guides, Networking

pfSense. Not a clue. No idea. Kinda have an idea. Let's build one!

What is pfSense?

It's a firewall, its a router. It's open source and pretty easy to get on with.

Why pfSense?

I've toyed with the idea of making my own combo router. Never had the hardware. I've …

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