Ultimate Media Server

Posted on Sun 21 August 2016 in Media Server

A short guide explaining how my home media server is setup.

Details the services, applications and hardware needed.

My setup is virtualized. Only one server (host) is used, several virtual machines control downloads, backup and media filing and playback.

All media is downloaded to schedule, automatically. I'm able to manage and access services and media remotely, via either web app or mobile app.

This is not free. If only using torrents, it would be however I use .nzb's. Access to newsgroup providers cost. Access to VPNs cost. The remote access, costs. Some of the programs I've used are paid for. In total I think it costs me around £70-80 a year.

My host has been made up of hardware accumulated over time or purchased for the project. It's cost more than it should have done. Starting fresh, expect to spend around £1500. Bear in mind that this would be scalable. You'll be able to upgrade storage over time.

Ultimate Media Server

Create a Hypervisor

Create a Virtual Machine

Download Clients