Use Pushbullet with RaspberryPi

Posted on Sat 30 March 2019 in Home Automation,

I use Pushbullet for pretty much everything.

It lets me know when downloads have finished, cameras have detected motion, lights have been switched on and Instagram followers gained.

I have the add-ins installed in web browsers, tablets and phones. I can see mobile phone notifications form where ever I am, which is often very handy. I think it's pretty awesome. I can also quick reply to messages share small files and send push notifications to one, some or all devices.

I believe its owned by Google. Every notification sent is therefore probably read, analyzed and stored by Google.

Just because you don't explicitly provide information to Google, Facebook, Insatagram, Twitter, doesn't mean they're not collecting it anyway by another resource.

If a freemium service is provided and is useful to you - use it.

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Setting Pushbullet notifications on the Raspberry Pi is very easy.

Set up a free Pushbullet account

Login and click the setting menu

Under Account, click generate access token

Copy and save the API code for later

Install curl

sudo apt-get -y install curl libcurl3

Create a script

API="enter your API key here"
MSG="Your Message Here"

curl -u $API: -d type=note -d title="Message Title" -d body="$MSG"

Create a cron job that calls the script.

In the setting of my motion cameras, there is an option "on motion detect" - I call the script

Super simple, push notifications from the RaspberryPi!