20 fun and fascinating facts about border collie puppies

Known for their intelligence, agility and work ethic, Border Collies have become one of the most popular breeds in the world. These dogs are loved for their energetic nature and unique characteristics. Let’s dive into 20 intriguing facts about Border Collie puppies that will surely surprise and delight you!

1. Border collie puppies are among the most intelligent of all breeds.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that border collies are wonderful! From a very early age, they demonstrate their cognitive abilities, quickly picking up commands and understanding tasks. Known for their ability to pick up new tricks with minimal repetition, these puppies often outperform other breeds in training classes.

2. They come from the border between Scotland and England.

Border collies get their name from their origins. Bred primarily to herd sheep in the hilly border region between Scotland and England, they have assisted shepherds for centuries, making them one of the oldest and most skilled herding breeds.

3. Border collie puppies are known for their “shepherd’s eye”.

Even as puppies, Border Collies exhibit a unique gaze, often referred to as a “shepherd’s eye.” This watchful eye is used to control and manage the sheep, and you may find your pup trying to “herd” other pets or even people in the house!

4. They come in different colors.

Although the black and white coat is the most famous, Border Collie puppies can come in a variety of colors, including blue merle, red, brindle, and more. This versatility in coat color ensures that no two Border Collies will look the same.

5. Border collies are incredibly energetic.

Don’t be fooled by their small size when young; these puppies pack a lot of energy! They thrive on physical activity and mental challenges. Without a proper outlet, they may engage in less desirable behavior out of boredom.

6. They start showing herding instinct early.

It is not uncommon for Border Collie puppies to start exhibiting herd behavior as early as a few months of age. Whether pushing toys or chasing moving objects, these little pups have herd in their blood.

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7. These puppies are easy to train, but require consistency.

Due to their intelligence, Border Collies are eager to learn. However, this also means that they can quickly pick up bad habits. It is very important to follow consistent training methods and be patient with them.

8. Border collie puppies love to play fetch.

Throw the ball and you will have a friend for life! Their love of fetching can be traced back to their herding origins, where chasing and retrieving were the main tasks.

9. They have a double coat that changes as they mature.

Border collie puppies have softer and fluffier fur. As they grow, this turns into a dense double coat designed to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

10. Their ears can be erect, semi-erect or loose.

While many Border Collies have erect ears, some puppies may surprise you with semi-erect or even floppy ears that add to their attractive appearance.

11. Border collie puppies learn quickly.

It’s not just gimmicks; these pups can understand sequences, solve problems, and even associate names with toys, demonstrating their impressive cognitive abilities.

12. They are known as great escapes.

This clever and inquisitive mind sometimes forces them to find innovative ways to escape from their enclosures. A securely fenced yard and close supervision are essential when raising a Border Collie puppy.

13. Socialization is key to a well-rounded puppy.

Early exposure to a variety of sights, sounds and experiences ensures that they grow up to be well-adjusted adults.

14. They often succeed in dog sports.

Agility, obedience, herding trials, Border Collie puppies have the potential to excel in various dog sports due to their intelligence and athleticism.

15. They are incredibly expressive.

Their eyes and facial expressions speak volumes. From the inquisitive tilt of the head to the joyous glint in the eye, they know how to speak without words.

16. They form strong bonds with their owners.

Border collies are loyal and often bond deeply with their companions. They thrive on participating in family activities.

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17. They have a characteristic bark.

Many Border Collie owners can attest that their puppies have a unique bark that they often use as a herding tool or to get your attention.

18. These puppies live 12-15 years.

With proper care, nutrition and love, Border Collies can be lifelong companions, spending many happy years with their families.

19. They are sensitive souls.

Despite their energetic nature, Border Collies are intuitive and can often sense the emotions of their owners, making them empathetic companions.

20. Every Border Collie puppy is unique.

Although they share common traits, each puppy has its own personality, quirks and preferences that make them special in their own way.


Border Collie puppies are not only bundles of joy, but also bundles of intelligence, energy and devotion. Owning one is a rewarding experience as they constantly surprise and delight with their unique personality and abilities. Whether you’re considering adopting one or just curious about the breed, there’s no denying that Border Collies leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those they meet.

Frequently asked questions about border collies & puppies

1. How smart are border collies compared to other breeds?

Border collies are often considered the most intelligent dog breed. They have an exceptional ability to learn new commands quickly, often requiring fewer repetitions than most other breeds. Their sharp intelligence combined with a strong work ethic make them outstanding performers in obedience and agility competitions.

2. Are border collies suitable for first-time owners?

Although brilliant and loyal, Border Collies may not be the best choice for first-time dog owners. Their high level of energy and intelligence means they need constant training, mental stimulation and physical activity. Without it, they may have behavioral problems.

3. How much exercise does a border collie need?

Border collies are very energetic and need a lot of exercise every day. Ideally, they should have at least an hour or two of active play, training or work each day. Activities like shepherding, agility training, or even long walks are great ways to engage them.

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4. Do border collies get along with children and other pets?

Yes, border collies usually get along well with children and can be great family dogs. However, due to their herding instinct, they may try to “herd” small children or other pets. Early socialization and training can help manage this behavior.

5. What are the requirements for the care of a border collie?

Border collies have a double coat that requires regular grooming. They should be combed at least once a week to prevent matting and tangling. During the shedding season, more frequent combing is recommended. Bathing can be done as needed.

6. Are border collies prone to any health problems?

Although generally healthy, some Border Collies may be predisposed to certain genetic conditions, such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and collie eye abnormalities. Regular checkups and awareness of potential breed health issues are critical.

7. How to train a border collie puppy?

Start training early and use positive reinforcement methods. Thanks to their intelligence, Border Collie puppies can quickly acquire both good and bad habits. Consistency, patience, and reward-based methods work best for them.

8. Are border collies good apartment dogs?

Border collies can adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation. However, without regular activity, they can become restless and may develop behavioral problems. Ideally, they thrive in an environment where they have space to run and play.

9. Do border collies bark a lot?

Border collies can be loud and they can bark to warn, communicate or when they are bored. Proper training and providing adequate mental and physical stimulation can help manage excessive barking.

10. Can border collies be left alone for a long time?

It is not advisable to leave a border collie alone for a long time. They thrive on human interaction and activity. Being alone for long periods of time can lead to feelings of isolation, boredom, and the potential for developing destructive behaviors.

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