20 fun and fascinating facts about greyhound puppies

Greyhounds are perhaps best known for their speed and agility. These dogs, which are among the oldest breeds, have a history that is intertwined with different cultures and eras. Nowadays, they have become favorite companions of many families. Here, we delve into 20 fun and intriguing facts about Greyhound puppies that showcase their unique characteristics and rich heritage.

1. Greyhound puppies are descendants of ancient dogs.

Greyhounds are believed to have originated in ancient Egypt about 4,000 years ago. In ancient Egyptian tombs, slender, long-legged dogs similar to greyhounds were often depicted. As a breed, they have witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, making them one of the oldest known dog breeds.

2. Their name does not come from their color.

Despite the nickname “Greyhound”, the name of the breed is not related to a specific color. The name is believed to come from Old English words that may mean “handsome dog” rather than being associated with the color grey.

3. Greyhound puppies grow up to be exceptional sprinters.

Greyhounds are known for their incredible speed. They can accelerate faster than most cars, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph in just a few strides. This phenomenal ability to sprint has made them popular racing dogs.

4. Have a unique body structure.

With their aerodynamic body, deep chest, strong back and long legs, greyhounds are ideal for fast movement. This structure ensures maximum saturation of muscles with oxygen and rapid acceleration.

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5. Greyhound puppies have a gaze-driven prey instinct.

Greyhounds belong to the category of greyhounds. This means that they primarily rely on their keen eyesight to spot and pursue prey, rather than their sense of smell. This visual acuity can sometimes cause them to chase small animals or moving objects.

6. They surprisingly lie on the sofa at home.

Despite their racing reputation, greyhounds are often referred to as “couchs that go 45 miles an hour.” They like to rest and can be quite lazy when not stimulated by races or games.

7. Their fine fur and lean bodies mean they catch colds easily.

Greyhounds have very little body fat and a thin coat, which means they can freeze easily. It is not uncommon to see a greyhound wearing a sweater or coat during the colder months to keep warm.

8. Greyhounds have a strong historical connection with the royal family.

Greyhounds have been the favorite pets of royalty throughout history. Queen Elizabeth I of England was known for setting the standard for greyhound racing, and many other monarchs throughout history have fostered the breed.

9. They are one of the healthiest breeds.

Greyhounds, by and large, are a very healthy breed. They have fewer genetic health problems than many other breeds, although they can be prone to bloat, a condition that affects deep-chested dogs.

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10. Greyhound puppies can sometimes have a “roach back”.

A slight curve in the back, often referred to as a “roach back”, is a unique and standard trait of greyhounds. This contributes to their flexibility and speed while running.

11. They were depicted on many ancient works of art.

From ancient Egyptian art to Renaissance paintings, greyhounds have been depicted in various works of art throughout history. They have always been admired for their elegance and shape.

12. They do not make good guard dogs.

Despite their size, greyhounds are generally docile and friendly. They are not known to be aggressive, which makes them poor guard dogs, but great companions.

13. Greyhound puppies need early socialization.

As with all dog breeds, early socialization is crucial. By exposing them to different environments, sounds, people and animals, they will grow up to be well-rounded adults.

14. They have bigger hearts compared to other breeds.

Greyhounds have a larger heart relative to their body size compared to other dog breeds. This larger heart size supports their fast running and high endurance.

15. The breed has its own rescue groups.

Because of the racing industry, many greyhounds need a second home after their racing career. Numerous rescue groups are only engaged in fostering retired greyhounds.

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16. They have unique sleeping positions.

Greyhounds often sleep in a position called “cockroaches”. They lie on their backs with their legs up, which can be very interesting to watch.

17. Greyhounds, as a rule, communicate well with children.

Their gentle and friendly nature makes them good companions for children. However, as with any other breed, it is very important to supervise the interaction between dogs and small children.

18. Their life span is relatively long.

Greyhounds typically live between 10 and 14 years, which is a decent lifespan for a dog of their size. With proper care and a loving environment, they often live full, healthy lives.

19. They adapt to different life situations.

Greyhounds can grow both in apartments and in houses with yards. As long as they get a daily dose of exercise and lots of love, they are content.

20. They have a calm demeanor but can be sensitive.

Greyhounds are known for their calm and balanced behavior. However, they can also be quite sensitive and often respond best to gentle training methods.


In summary, Greyhound puppies grow up to be dogs of grace, speed and gentleness. Their history is as rich and varied as their personalities, making them a truly unique breed to cherish.

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