A 1-year-old chihuahua abandoned at a shelter cried herself to sleep in a pink sweater

A one-year-old chihuahua living in an animal shelter cries every night before going to bed. Having no discernible reasons for leaving, she does not adapt well to the environment.

Image source: Watch videos on Facebook

Carson animal Shelter staff knew the dog felt hopeless and desperate. They put a pink sweater on the dog, but she continued to be afraid and tremble. Feeling completely hopeless, they put her in front of the mirror – for some reason she was so drawn. Calm came from inside the mirror; she felt this new source of warmth and love wash over her…

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A shelter volunteer says the dog‘s small chest is heaving up and down ⬈and she sobs quietly every night before bed

Image source: Watch videos on Facebook

Chihuahua barks quietly because the sound can disturb other animals. Amid the noise, chaos and fear, this little dog deserves a life of love. We don’t know why she was given up, but there must be someone out there who would love her.

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