A bird without feathers finds its way, “dances to the beat of its own drum”

Meet Chicken, a featherless rescue bird who loves to dance. She will dance to anything – to songs on TV, to mom singing, and sometimes she seems to just dance to songs in her head. Chicken’s incredible journey from a dark basement to a loving home has given her new life, and her story is one of resilience, healing and the power of music.


When Chicken’s mother, Michele, first met her, the bird was unhappy. She was nervous and afraid of everything around her. For most of her life, the Chicken was kept in a dark basement, afraid of people, other birds, and even her new owner. But when her cage was opened, she threw herself into the arms of her master, as if she knew that this was her only chance for a better life.

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It took several weeks for the Chicken to begin to believe that she was in a safe and loving environment. Michele has other birds, all of them can fly, and Chicken would look at them with envy, wishing she could join them. To help her feel like she was flying again, Mom would hold her up while Chicken would flap her wings and lean in the direction she wanted to fly.


This new trust and confidence in Michele seemed to be the turning point for Kurka. When her mother first saw her dancing, she was cooking breakfast and singing. When she turned around, Chicken was twirling to the music. She not only danced, but also began to tap the pen like a drum. She seemed to be coming back to life.

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The transformation of Chicken from a broken bird shell into a joyful, happy, carefree creature was nothing short of a miracle. Her love for music and dancing has become an integral part of her personality, and it seems that this featherless rescue bird has found its rhythm in life.


So, the next time you’re tapping your foot or swaying to the beat of a song, remember Hen, the featherless savior bird who dances to the beat of her own drum. And remember that music, love and confidence really do have the power to heal.

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