A boy picked up a football-playing dog during the shooting and took it home

Imagine you’re in the middle of a firefight in Afghanistan and you happen to notice a dog running around. This is how the incredible journey of Fred, the football dog, began.

This moving story of friendship, adventure and love will captivate readers as they follow Fred’s journey from the war-torn desert to his forever home in the United States.


Growing up, Craig always wanted a dog. He fought relentlessly for one, and it wasn’t until he saw Fred in Afghanistan that his dream finally came true. The first step to getting Fred to the United States was a secret helicopter ride that began his incredible journey. Before landing on the car, Fred flew from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Bahrain, Germany, and finally to JFK in New York.

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Upon arrival in the US, Fred was met by Craig’s father and sister. Fred arrived home four months before his human companion, but their meeting was the beginning of a truly special bond. Despite years of telling his son he couldn’t have a dog, Craig’s father quickly became Fred’s biggest fan. One of the first games they played together was soccer, which has become a long family tradition.


Fred and Craig settled into their new life in Maine, enjoying their spacious yard and newfound happiness. However, they soon realized that they needed more. Nora and her dog Ruby entered their lives, completing the missing pieces of their family. Fred’s bond with Nora immediately solidified their little squad as a cohesive pack.

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Although Fred came from the desert, he grew to love the snow. He has always been a traveler and since coming to the United States he has visited 49 of the 50 states. Now 14, Fred’s life has been filled with amazing events that continue to amaze his family.


Feeling compelled to share their incredible story, Craig and Fred became sought-after speakers and authors of a book detailing their journey. They continue to travel, sharing their story and inspiring others with their fascinating stories.

In a world where headlines are often filled with negativity, Fred’s story serves as a beacon of hope, love and friendship. From the deserts of Afghanistan to snowy Maine, this football-playing dog has captured the hearts of many and continues to inspire those he meets along the way.

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