A bulldog comes out of the incubator wrinkled and lively, wailing with its whole body

When it comes to rescue puppies, there’s no denying that each one has a unique story. In the case of Quincy, a tiny bulldog born by C-section, her story is an inspiration and the incredible bond that can develop between people and their furry friends.


Quincy’s journey began when she was just a few hours old. She was tiny, weighing only seven ounces, but she was a fighter. Huddled in the incubator, she looked like she was sunbathing on a beach in Hawaii, with her legs up and a contented expression on her face. Her rescuers knew she was something special and they were excited to see her grow and develop.


As Quincy grew, it became apparent that she was a bit different from other puppies her age. After leaving the incubator, she developed faster than her peers, opened her eyes earlier and learned to navigate her world with ease.

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Quincy’s playful nature and love of life made her a constant comedian, always finding new ways to make her rescuers laugh. She loved to crouch and then run up and jump on other dogs to play with them. This energetic little pup was truly one of a kind.

When Quincy was about two and a half months old, she faced a serious challenge. She broke her leg and had to wear a splint to heal it. But that didn’t slow her down. Quincy continued to play, run and enjoy life in her cast. Unbelievably, only 30 days later there was no trace of the break.

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Quincy’s story changed when she met her forever family. They had recently lost their beloved bulldog and were experiencing the crushing sadness that comes with losing a pet. When they heard that Quincy was coming to San Francisco for a meeting, they decided to go see her, hoping to find solace in the presence of the cute puppy.


As soon as they laid eyes on Quincy, they knew she was the one for them. She was quiet and polite and they found her incredibly calm for a puppy. Little did they know that once they got her home, Quincy’s true personality would shine through. She was a ball of energy, always on the go and happy to greet her family when they came home.

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Quincy’s new family quickly grew to love her antics and unique way of howling with her whole body when she was happy. They went from feeling sad about the loss of a pet to having a daily attraction. They couldn’t be more grateful for the joy Quincy brought to their home.

Quincy’s story is a testament to the power of love, resilience and the incredible bond between people and their pets. As she continues to grow and thrive in her new home, there is no doubt that Quincy will continue to bring laughter and happiness to everyone she meets.

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