A deaf dog who misses his dad waits at the front door throughout the deployment

If you only read and watch one story, make it this one! This is so touching!

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Shanti Krins via YouTube video

Routine is part of everyday life. Some monotonous activities are more important than others. Especially when we come home after a long, stressful day at work and are greeted by our beloved feline companions with wagging tails and careless stroking. Nothing says “Welcome home!” like a wagging tail and a few sloppy kisses.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Shanti Krins via YouTube video

This is not a typical story. This dog did not wait 8 hours for his return home. His father, a member of the Oregon National Guard, is his favorite person. Training is hard, and our National Guardsmen work hard to be ready for almost anything. Cotton, a wonderful deaf pit bull named Cotton, understands that Daddy has to go, but always comes home. However, waiting for dad to return can be painful. Cotton doesn’t hear the car approaching, so he watches the house every day, waiting for his best friend to return.

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Source/Image Screenshot Credit: Shanti Krins via YouTube video

His charming face appears around the hanging fabric, as if he is peeking out from the window in the corner of the door. As soon as Dad approaches the front steps, he pounces. Christmas morning has arrived! His body says it all. This dog is a happy camper who just loves to give love.

As you can see, the DOOR is about to OPEN! Well, you’ll enjoy watching what happens when it does in the video below. Enjoy and please be sure to SHARE it with your friends or family!

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