A dog who faints when excited doesn’t let his disability get him down (video) ‎

Even though he faints when he gets excited, the dog doesn’t let his disability stop him.

Due to a rare disease, when the dog Peter becomes really enthusiastic, he loses consciousness. At an early age, his family became aware of his strange condition. A few minutes of freezing and falling back. This can happen at the most unusual moments, for example, when he sees ducks or goes from grass to concrete.

The veterinarian who treated him, affectionately known as “Petrified Pete,” is unsure of the etiology of this neurological disorder. It could be something completely different, like fainting syndrome. Fortunately, Pete’s vets are confident that he does not experience any discomfort during these bouts. Pete doesn’t let it get him down either. He immediately gets up and continues his day.

As his family explains what’s going on, some people who were scared that he’s having a seizure become interested in getting to know him. According to his family, Pat loves it because “everyone loves him and he loves everyone.”

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Watch the video below.

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