A helpless, unconscious dog screams for help as it is chained outside. ‎

I was taking a leisurely stroll through the famous streets of São Paulo on an unassuming Sunday evening when I saw something that deeply touched my heart. I came across a horrible scene in a dimly lit corner: a chained, unconscious dog.

As I cautiously approached, I couldn’t help but notice that the dog‘s once shiny coat had become matted and dirty, a sign of its prolonged suffering. The poor creature’s neck was clearly injured and in pain from the terribly tight, rusty chain.

The dog, whose once bright eyes had dulled with terror and agony, began to bark weakly and desperately, hoping that someone would see and help him. Seeing this unanswered cry for help made my heart ache.

I felt obliged to intervene immediately. I checked the chain with nervous hands and saw that it had pierced the dog‘s skin deeply, causing serious injuries. I carefully and slowly took the scissors out of my purse to free the sick animal, trying not to injure it any more.

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When the chain came off, the dog gradually regained consciousness. It lost faith in humanity, but took my comforting touch with caution. My eyes filled with tears when I thought about the abuse I had to go through.

The next course of action was obvious: I had to give this strong soul immediate medical attention. Carefully taking the puppy in my arms, I set out to find the nearest animal shelter or veterinary clinic that could provide him with emergency care and rehabilitation.

The experience was a sobering reminder of how vital it is to have compassion and empathy for all living things. It was a call for change and a call to action.

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I picked up the surviving puppy and cared for him while I called the appropriate authorities to deal with the dead dog. The owner of these animals is responsible for their actions under Samson’s Law.

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