A pit bull chained to the snow cried for help, the policeman gave her the chance of a lifetime

This story will definitely warm your heart and besides, happy endings are ALWAYS nice to see! dog lovers know that it’s not the breed of dog that matters, but how well that dog has been raised, cared for and loved. Pit bulls have a bad reputation among some people, which has cost them too many lives. But one police officer is trying to reverse people’s negative perceptions one wrong assumption at a time.

Image/story source: YouTube video – Inside Edition

Meet Officer Justin Bruzgul, who saved Key from a horrible existence. He found her chained to the snow, she was freezing and begging for help. He saw that she had unwavering loyalty, intelligence, and a heart of gold. He realized she had the potential to help others, so he took her under his wing and trained her to be a K9 officer. Kia passed the test with flying colors and became the first Pit Bull K9 officer in New York State. Kai’s rescue shows that pit bulls are great dogs!

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Image/story source: YouTube video – Inside Edition

Officer Bruzgul and Kiya are both passionate about educating the public about the true nature of pit bulls. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are the most common breeds in shelters. Thousands of dogs could be given forever homes if more people realized their true potential and who these dogs really are.

Image/story source: YouTube video – Inside Edition

Pit bulls have also shown that they are suitable for service. So instead of spending an average of $20,000 per police dog, police forces can get dogs from shelters where there are plenty of suitable service dogs.

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