A puppy dumped in the right lane of a busy highway is fast asleep in its bed

Roger was driving down a busy freeway while talking to his wife on the phone when he spotted the puppy on the side of the road. The little guy, who would later be called R2, was sitting in the right lane of traffic and Roger knew he had to act fast to save him.

He immediately pulled off the road, and as soon as R2 saw him, the puppy ran right into his arms. Roger put R2 in the car and the pooch immediately laid down on his lap and fell asleep, showing an incredible level of trust in his rescuer. It was the start of an inspiring journey for R2, who will soon find a loving forever home and put his traumatic past behind him.

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R2 was in bad shape when Roger found him, covered in ticks and fleas. Roger immediately called his wife back, telling her to see a vet to give R2 the best chance for a healthy life. The vet revealed that R2 had spent his entire life in a crate, which explains his unusual behavior and physical problems.

Despite his past, R2 quickly adapted to his new life. In just a week and a half, he began to look like a normal happy puppy, enjoying his first taste of peanut butter and learning to walk fearlessly on grass. R2’s new parents signed him up for physical therapy to help with his flat feet, a result of his time in the crate.

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R2’s incredible adaptability and resilience continues to amaze its new family. He quickly formed a special bond with Roger and his daughter, wagging his tail and smiling when they entered the room. R2 also gets along great with other animals, making him the perfect addition to an existing family group of rescued pets.

Roger’s wife knew from the start that they couldn’t let R2 go, and it wasn’t long before he was officially adopted as their fourth dog. The family continues to work on R2’s physical therapy and help him become more comfortable with new experiences, like going to Home Depot or sleeping in a bed for the first time.

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This heartwarming story of R2’s rescue and transformation serves as a reminder of the power of love and compassion. With the help of his loving family, R2 was able to overcome his past and embrace a bright future filled with hugs, adventure, and of course, plenty of peanut butter.

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