A puppy lures a lost “soulmate” home just like its human

Alex, a kind man who loves animals, decided to save a litter of abandoned puppies from euthanasia. A friend who worked at a local animal shelter called him, desperately looking for someone to foster the puppies until they could find forever homes. Without hesitation, Alex agreed to help and soon became the guardian of five fragile lives.


One puppy in particular caught Alex’s attention. Izzy, a cute little girl with adorable fluffy ears and soulful brown eyes, instantly won over Alex. She was stunned and timid. To comfort her, Alex held Izzy in his arms, and there was an instant bond between them. “She clung to his chest as if she already knew he was her savior.”

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After returning home, Alex set up a special place for the puppies in his living room. The puppies were so thin that their ribs were visible through their fur. They needed a lot of care and compassion. Alex promised to help them and make them beautiful and healthy so they could find their forever homes.


After a delicious meal and a bath, the puppies relaxed and fell asleep. Thanks to Alex’s care, the puppies continued to gain weight and turned into energetic, playful dogs. Izzy, in particular, went from a timid, frightened puppy to a friendly dog ​​who was eager to interact with others.

On a warm sunny day, Alex took Izzy for a walk in the park. They approached a wooded area, where a sickly puppy Alex, later named Yumi, suddenly appeared from the bushes. She was weak, frail and experiencing obvious difficulties. She was covered in dirt. While Yumi was scared, she sensed something in Izzy – perhaps a kindred spirit.

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Izzy, sensing Yumi’s distress, went over to the puppy and comforted her with “gentle sniffs and reassuring licks.” She seemed to be telling her, “It’s okay, you’re safe now.” Yumi confided in Izzy, and the two dogs, who were soulmates as puppies, became inseparable.

Alex’s selfless act of saving these puppies not only saved their lives, but also created an unbreakable bond between Izzy and Yumi. Their story is a testament to the power of love, compassion and the incredible impact that one person can have on the lives of innocent animals.

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