A stray puppy leads volunteers to a vacant building to show them who’s inside

The tiny puppy pounced on the volunteers from Northeast animal Rescue and headed toward them. He had something very important to tell the rescuers, and the only way to get his message across was to lead them to a special place.


When the rescuers began to follow him, the puppy ran as fast as possible up the stairs and then headed towards the abandoned building. The volunteers stayed close. They had no idea where he was going, but he made it clear that it was an important journey!


There was another little puppy inside the building! The rescuers couldn’t believe their eyes! The tiny pup led the volunteers to his sibling, who also needed their attention. Both puppies eagerly gobbled up the food provided by the rescuers. Next, it’s time to head to the rescue center, get a much-needed bath, and get checked out by the vet. Thanks to a persistent puppy, both dogs are doing great!

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