A woman launches a drone to find a dog with a clip on its muzzle

For two weeks, a dedicated rescuer patiently fed a dog that was found with a bandage on its face. A dog named Beckham went through a traumatic experience, but with time, patience and love, he began to trust people again and eventually found a new family to call his own.


The story began when a call came in about a dog with a muzzle. It was a shocking and disturbing situation, and rescuers knew they had to act quickly. Pinky Paws Search & ResQ was brought in to help capture the frightened and wary dog. They set traps to catch him, and his soon-to-be foster mom even launched a drone to pinpoint his whereabouts, but Beckham proved quite nimble, circling the crates and evading capture.

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After several attempts, the rescuers finally managed to catch Beckham. They knew there was still a long road ahead for this injured dog, but they were determined to help him heal and find a loving home. His foster mom brought him home and began hand-feeding Beckham while he hid in the bathroom. She worked to gain his trust and show him that people can be safe and caring.


It was two weeks before Beckham was introduced to the rest of his adoptive mother’s pack. During this time, he began to show small signs of progress, such as biting a toy, something he had never been interested in before. It was an important moment because it showed that Beckham was starting to feel more comfortable and playful.

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With time and patience, Beckham continued to learn to trust people again. He eventually found the perfect family to help him continue on his path to healing. His new family will provide him with the love, support and guidance he needs to fully recover from his traumatic past and embrace a new life.

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