After grieving for A Million Dog Moments, she revealed that dad is coming home: a touching reunion awaits.

One devoted dog‘s heart broke into a million pieces when she had to say goodbye to her father. Her father went to serve his country for thirty-two days. Although it was only 32 days, she described it in the film as “a million dog moments”.

The dog sulked every day and waited for his father to come home. When that day finally came, the dog‘s reaction was incredible! As soon as Dad pulled up to the driveway, Mom opened the door. As he got out of his truck, an adorable puppy ran up to him.

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Her actions when she almost dumps a guy because of love are too adorable to ignore! The dog is delighted! Jumping over it and swinging back and forth. Her dad surprisingly answered exactly the same as she did. They are genuinely connected, as evidenced by his hugs and hugs. It is a truly fascinating sight! I appreciate your service to our nation sir.

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Watch the video below to see how the soldier was reunited with his beloved dog!

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