An old dog falls into a pool, and her heroic puppy friend comes running

Juliet Firpo’s dogs, Luna and Caipirinha, have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They hold each other in life no matter what, and a great but horrifying example of this was caught on a security camera behind their house.

Image/story source: Juliet Firpo via Facebook Video

Luna is an older dog, 14 years old, and her eyesight is starting to fail. She’s not as adventurous as she used to be, so it was very strange when she showed up at the house soaking wet from the pool. And then Caipirinha rushed as wet as possible. So mom got the footage on camera and that’s when she saw it…

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Image/story source: Juliet Firpo via Facebook Video

Luna fell into the pool, and Caipirinha did not hesitate to come to the rescue. She worked to help the panicked older dog to the shallow end of the pool, where she was able to pull him to safety by his collar. Caipirinha saved her life – what a hero!

Juliet planned to block off the pool to prevent more of this from happening. And thanks to Caipirinha, dog best friends have more to look forward to in their life together!

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