Attached to the building with a note, the deformed dog was looking for his little girl

Kwerty, a unique-looking dog with short spine syndrome, was left tied up at the shelter overnight with a note that appeared to be written by a child.

The note said that his previous family cared for him but did not know how to properly meet his needs. Nicky from Road dogs Rescue adopted Qwerty and shared his heartwarming story.


Road dogs Rescue is known for taking on unusual cases, so when the shelter contacted them about Qwerty, Nicky immediately knew he was a perfect fit for their organization. She took him in personally to nurture and determine his temperament and needs. Despite having short spine syndrome, which makes him look different from other dogs, Qwerty is actually quite healthy and happy.

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Nikki affectionately calls Kwerty a “happy hyena” because of his unique appearance, which reminds her of a hyena mixed with a frog. Kwerty likes to chase balls and even tries to climb furniture, although due to his condition it is difficult for him to achieve traction. Nikki believes it’s important not to underestimate dogs like Qwerty because they can bring so much joy and love to a person’s life.

Kwerty’s cheerful nature and non-judgmental attitude about himself are a reminder that people tend to make life difficult. dogs like Qwerty enjoy simple pleasures like the beach, food and good company. Qwerty was eventually adopted by a loving family in Florida and was transported across the country from California to join his new forever home.

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When asked how she can foster dogs and release them, Nikki admits it can be difficult, but she focuses on being a stepping stone to helping them find a great life. She believes that it is more important for the dogs to have a happy life than for her to be sad to let them go.

Qwerty’s journey from being abandoned to finding a loving home is an inspiration and testament to the resilience and love that dogs can bring to our lives. By not underestimating dogs like Qwerty and giving them the care and support they need, we can help them overcome their challenges and become beloved family members.

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