Boyfriend and wife adore Tramp who ‘adopted’ their truck only to lose it

Emily and Garrett never expected their lives to change when they walked to their car after yoga class. When they opened the gate of their truck, they noticed a furry tail twirling around. Not knowing what to do, they approached the unexpected visitor who seemed to be as curious about them as they were about him.


As the couple tried to figure out if the dog was male or female, or where it came from, they realized the dog was incredibly chill and seemed content to just hang out with them. This made Emily and Garrett wonder if they had taken the dog by accident.

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It took the dog a while to warm to the couple, but he sure loved their truck! It took him almost two hours to get out of the truck when they got home, but once he did, he immediately passed out and slept through the night and into the next day. The next day, Emily and Garrett took him to the vet and began looking for his owners. However, Emily secretly hoped he didn’t have hosts because she quickly fell in love with him.


When they discovered that the dog didn’t belong to anyone, Emily was overjoyed, exclaiming, “We just got a dog!!!” Although Garrett wasn’t looking for a dog at first, his new furry friend couldn’t help but be charmed. Unfortunately, just three weeks after finding their new dog, he smelled a small animal and ran off into the woods. The couple searched relentlessly for him, Emily visiting every animal shelter in Houston with a mug in hand and tears in her eyes. She was devastated, feeling like her dog, whom she named Buddy, should have been with her.

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Then came the call from the Montgomery County animal Shelter. They believed they had found Buddy. Overjoyed, Emily ran to the shelter and was reunited with the puppy, who was obviously hers. This emotional reunion further strengthened their bond.


Buddy is an integral part of Emily and Garrett’s lives, wanting to be a part of everything they do. To make sure he never goes missing again, they printed his name on the tag along with his cell phone number. Buddy also wears a GPS tracker! Together they are a happy family who cherish every moment with their sweet, sweet Buddy.

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