Dog groomer opens shop in the middle of the night to cut ‘stray dogs’, finds beauty beneath matted fur

The couple was driving down a highway in the Oviedo area of ​​Florida when they encountered something that stopped them in their tracks. They spotted a dog walking on the side of the road and almost collided with traffic, and they didn’t know where it was going. They stopped abruptly to check if everything was okay with the animal.

Meet Lucky, THIS is his INCREDIBLE story and you will love the happy ending!

Image/story source: YouTube/Scoop

They were impressed by his physical condition. He had very matted fur that restricted his mobility and hid most of his face, so he couldn’t see where he was going and almost got hit. He was mostly unresponsive and appeared to have been abandoned and neglected for most of his life.

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The couple couldn’t leave it there. As a result, they decided to take him with them in the car. However, as they were unable to care for him overnight, they posted an appeal on social media, which was answered by groomer Cary Falla.

Image/story source: YouTube/Scoop

This can happen when the dog‘s fur is matted to the point where blood flow is restricted, as well as bruising. Kari knew she couldn’t wait until the next day to help him when she saw him in such a terrible state. Kari ran into her BGE Grooming salon at three in the morning, half-frozen and scared. She remarked, “Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.” It smelled terrible and the dog could not walk.

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Kari worked around the clock until 4 in the morning. He was completely shaved and she assumed he had been wearing unkempt fur for over two years. They decided to name him Lucky while they waited for his vet visit.

Image/story source: YouTube/Scoop

The next big surprise was the veterinary office. Lucky appears to be blind and deaf, which adds to his matted fur and poor condition. If the magical couple hadn’t found him, he would surely have died on the road before nightfall because of his matted fur and hideous form.

After the operation, the vet castrated Lucky, vaccinated him and cleaned his teeth. Then the search for a permanent home began. Zachary Blair was inspired by Lucky’s story of kindness as everyone came together to help him and couldn’t wait to offer him a forever home. We absolutely LOVE happy endings and this was one of them!

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