Family abandons ugly dog, doctors ‘transform’ him with ‘life-changing’ surgery

This is the story of the dog Bjarni, who was rescued from a difficult home with a disfigured face. Despite the fact that passers-by initially ignored him, those who discovered the story of this dog saw in him a worthy support. The dog does not appear to be in immediate danger as it is being cared for by a foster family before being adopted into its forever home.

Image author: Facebook/St. Angels of Francis

Bjarna had half a nose and many bite scars, probably from an attack by another animal. It was difficult for him to eat and breathe. When he was tracked down, his owners refused to take him back, even when told of the possibility of euthanizing him.

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Image author: Facebook/St. Angels of Francis

Angels of St. Francis, an emergency foster care organization in Houston, Texas, is one of the few organizations that takes sick pets off the streets so they can get help before they are transferred to a shelter. One day earlier this month, founder Annie Graber adopted a pit bull that had hydrocephalus and other health issues.

After the operation, Bjarni’s face has completely changed, and he can breathe and eat normally! Despite the difficult experience, Bjarni is the friendliest dog in the shelter. “Lively and attractive. He is completely unaware of his limitations and distortions.” Ann dog-with-half-a-nose-to-get-new-life_us_56045eb6e4b00310edfaa859?ec_carp=1218187621005578391″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>said the Huffington Post.

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Image author: Facebook/St. Angels of Francis

Renewal: We are happy to announce that Bjarni has found a good forever home with a loving and accepting family! He started his new life with the new name “Hogan”.

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