Gal calms down the older dog to show her that there is more to life than being locked up

Older dogs often struggle to find forever homes, as many potential adopters prefer younger, more energetic puppies. However, one woman’s heartwarming story of adopting an older dog named Alaska proves that these elderly dogs still have a lot of love and life left in them.


When the woman, Kat, first saw Alaska at the shelter, she was immediately drawn to the dog‘s gentle gaze, which seemed to be silently begging her to take him home. Despite the initial difficulties associated with helping Alaska adapt to a new environment, the woman was determined to give the older dog a chance for a better life.

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In the beginning, Alaska was afraid to go out the door. She was easily frightened and afraid of people. She did not behave like a typical dog at all. Kat decided to give Alaska a good bath, and when the dog fell asleep in the bath, she realized there was no turning back. She was dedicated to giving Alaska the love and care it deserved.


Kat stayed by Alaska’s side for a few days, helping her adjust to her new surroundings. Slowly but surely, Alaska began to open up and experience the joys of life outside the shelter. The woman worked with her every day, showing all that she had lost during the years of imprisonment.

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Some days were better than others and the process required a lot of patience. But when Alaska finally ran to Kat, she was overcome with emotion. She felt as if she had just seen her own baby take its first steps. Adoption gave Alaska the opportunity to experience freedom and true happiness for the first time in her life.


Kat admits she never thought of herself as a particularly selfless person, but taking care of Alaska taught her the importance of putting another living being first. She believes that our capabilities go far beyond what we think about them, and the experience of adopting a senior dog was more than worth it.

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