Golden treats the toy as his child since her puppies were stolen

Eleanor, a golden retriever rescued from a puppy mill, found solace and comfort in a small toy that had been kept in a cage all her life. Her foster mom, Jill, took her in and gave her a safe space to heal. At first Eleanor was frightened and shut herself up, choosing to stay in the smallest room of the house, the extra bathroom. The breeder artificially inseminated Eleanor and she gave birth to many puppies that were taken from her.


The injured dog was very afraid to move on its own, so Jill had to physically carry it everywhere. One day, Jill introduced Eleanor to a toy, and the dog immediately took an interest in it. Eleanor treated the toy as if it were one of her puppies, finding comfort in its presence.

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Eleanor’s affection for the toy was evident when she became visibly upset if it was not with her. The toy went with her everywhere, providing her with a sense of security and companionship. Over time, Eleanor began to show signs of improvement and happiness. One morning she ran out into the family room, excited and wagging her tail.

Eleanor’s transformation was extraordinary: she went from a frightened and withdrawn dog to one full of joy and life. Now she likes to run around the yard and follow Jill everywhere. Jill was incredibly lucky to be able to help Eleanor recover and find happiness in her new life.

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