How much to feed a Shar Pei

Feeding Shar-Peis requires careful consideration to maintain their health and well-being. These medium-sized dogs have special nutritional needs that must be met with high-quality food. The amount they should eat depends on several factors, including age, activity level, and the calorie content of their diet. Understanding these needs will help ensure that your Shar-Pei maintains a healthy weight and shiny coat.

1. Assessment of the dietary needs of your Shar Pei

A Shar Pei’s diet must be carefully monitored to prevent skin problems and accommodate their slow metabolism. Generally, an adult Shar Pei weighs between 45 and 60 pounds, and the amount of food they need will depend on their size, age, and activity level.

2. Understanding the calorie content and quality of food

On average, an adult Shar Pei needs between 800 and 1,350 calories per day, but this can vary. A less active dog may need fewer calories, while a more active dog or one that is still growing may need more. It’s important to look for a high-quality dog ​​food that uses real meat as the first ingredient and doesn’t rely on fillers that have little nutritional value.

3. Recommended portions of food

For a Shar Pei, the recommended daily food intake is usually about 1.5-2.5 cups of dry dog ​​food, divided between two meals. This is a rough estimate and should be adjusted according to your dog‘s individual needs and the specific calorie content of the food you are using.

4. Feeding puppies versus adults

Shar Pei puppies up to about 12 months of age need more calories and nutrients to support their growth compared to adults. They should be fed puppy formula three times a day. When they reach adulthood, you can switch them to adult dog food and reduce feeding to twice a day.

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5. Adjusting food intake for weight control

It is important to monitor your Shar-Pei’s weight and adjust his food intake accordingly. Regular weighing and body counts can help determine if your dog is at an ideal weight, and portion sizes can be increased or decreased if necessary.

6. The role of treats and additives

Treats should be given in moderation and should not exceed 10% of your Shar-Pei’s total daily calorie intake. As for supplements, some Shar Pei can benefit from special supplements in their diet, such as fish oil for skin and coat health, but always check with your vet first.

7. Monthly expenses for feeding

The cost of feeding a Shar Pei depends on the brand and type of food you choose. On average, you can spend between $30 and $70 per month on a high-quality dog ​​food that meets your Shar Pei’s needs.


Feeding your Shar Pei the right amount of nutritious food is vital to his health. By paying attention to their individual needs and adjusting their diet as needed, you can ensure that your Shar Pei is getting the right nutrition for a long and healthy life. Always consult your veterinarian when making changes to your dog‘s diet or if you have concerns about his weight or health.

Frequently asked questions about feeding a Shar Pei

1. What is the daily rate of food for an adult Shar Pei?

An adult Shar Pei usually needs about 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality dry dog ​​food per day, divided into two meals. This amount may vary depending on the dog‘s age, activity level, and the calorie content of the selected dog food. Owners should adjust portions based on the dog‘s health, weight and activity level, and consult a veterinarian for individual advice.

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2. Can Shar Pei eat a grain-free diet?

Shar-Peis can be fed grain-free diets as long as they are well balanced and meet all their nutritional needs. However, it is important to choose a grain-free diet that is high in protein and free of fillers. Always check with your veterinarian before switching to a grain-free diet to make sure it’s the right choice for your dog‘s health.

3. How many times a day should I feed my Shar Pei?

Puppies should be fed three times a day, and adult Shar Pei – twice. This feeding schedule helps regulate their metabolism and supports their nutritional needs. Consistency in feeding times is also important for digestive health.

4. What should I look for in my Shar Pei’s food?

When choosing food for a Shar Pei dog, pay attention to products in which the first ingredient is real meat. Make sure your meals are high in protein and low in fillers that can lead to weight gain. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can also benefit skin and coat health.

5. How do I know if my Shar-Pei is overweight?

You can tell if your Shar-Pei is overweight by feeling his ribs and checking his body shape. If the ribs are difficult to feel under a layer of fat or if the dog has lost its waist, it may be overweight. Your veterinarian can provide an assessment of your body’s condition and help you develop a diet plan.

6. Are there any foods I should avoid while feeding my Shar Pei?

Yes, there are certain foods you should avoid feeding your Shar Pei, such as chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, and foods high in fat or salt. They can be toxic or cause health problems. Stick to food and treats designed for dogs to ensure their safety and health.

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7. How much will it cost to feed my Shar Pei per month?

The monthly cost of feeding a Shar-Pei can range from $30 to $70, depending on the brand and type of feed. High-quality food with high nutrient content may be more expensive, but can promote better health and potentially lower overall costs through lower veterinary bills.

8. Should I give my Shar Pei supplements?

Supplements are usually not necessary if your Shar-Pei is on a complete and balanced diet. However, some may benefit from supplements such as fish oil for skin health or glucosamine for joint support, especially if they have certain health problems. Always consult your veterinarian before adding supplements to their diet.

9. How do I transition my Shar-Pei to a new type of dog food?

To transition your Shar-Pei to a new dog food, gradually mix the new food in with the old food over the course of a week, increasing the amount of new food each day. This helps prevent indigestion. In case of any adverse reactions, consult a veterinarian.

10. What is the ideal feeding schedule for a Shar Pei puppy?

A Shar Pei puppy should be fed a puppy diet three times a day until six months of age. After six months, feeding can be reduced to twice a day. It is important to feed them at the same time every day to establish a routine.

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