Mom can’t reach 8-month-old baby who caught fire with puppy, dog sacrifices himself to save her

Erica Poremski, mother of eight-month-old Viviana, stepped out for a few minutes to get something from her car. When she looked back to go back inside, she found her house on fire, taking the lives of both her child and her dog, Polo.

Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

A tearful Erica, bandaged from minor injuries, describes the traumatic event to WBAL TV News:

“I just heard her crying and I couldn’t go near her. I tried very hard, everyone in the neighborhood tried. They broke down doors and windows. I couldn’t (take her out). No one could.”

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Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene. They ran into the house to save Viviana and Polo, only to discover what was there incomprehensible.

Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

The crew approached Viviana’s room. On the floor next to Viviana was Polo, who fell on top of her. He wrapped his body around her and covered her completely like a blanket to protect her from the fire. Polo, unfortunately, did not survive. His body was badly damaged by the flames. The loyal dog put his human sister’s life before himself to save it. He gave up his existence to protect something more valuable than his own life.

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Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

Erika was quoted as saying:

“She only had burns on her side from this. He stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and didn’t even go downstairs to go out the door. He was my first child and now I have lost him. And I just pray that I don’t lose her.”

Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

Viviana, who fell into a medically induced coma after being injured in the fire, was being examined. But she was lucky to get burns on only one side of her body thanks to the brave dog‘s quick actions. Because he knew exactly what he had to do to save her life, and was barely exposed to the flames, because the brave dog knew what to do, what he felt he had to do, at any cost.

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Image/story source: WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore via YouTube Video

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