Mother dog was ‘sad’ when 7 puppies died in fire. Then they showed the mother a brood of orphans

As a child, Jessica Woodruff loved animals. Now she has to live through the most tragic moment of her life when her barn burned down. On February 9, Jessica’s barn accidentally caught fire. Many animals died in the fire, including four goats, a pig and seven puppies. The puppies were 3 weeks old at the time of the incident.

Image author: YouTube video

The fire spread so quickly and on a large scale that everything disappeared in a matter of minutes. There was nothing Jessica or Daisy could do and it broke their hearts. Over the next few days, Daisy sank into depression, and she kept coming to the burned barn and whimpering for her puppies. Seeing Daisy in such intense emotional pain left Jessica devastated. She knew she had to do something before she lost Daisy. Jessica’s sister Jacque Barnett posted on Facebook looking for orphaned puppies to foster. Coincidentally, a woman named Lorna Murphy, Chloe’s 5-year-old dog, died after giving birth to 8 puppies.

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Image author: YouTube video

The women on both sides decided to turn their tragedies into happiness for their dogs, and a meeting was quickly arranged to introduce Daisy to the newborn puppies. Daisy’s motherly instinct kicked in immediately and she began feeding the puppies.

Daisy nursed the puppies for several weeks until they were weaned. Most of the puppies were returned to their owners, except for one puppy from the litter, who was named Benji.

We are so happy that Daisy has found happiness after a terrible loss and Lorna’s puppies have found a new mother after theirs passed away.

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