Nubby the stationary puppy imagines a busy life playing with his friends

Noel, a tiny puppy, was born with only two paws. This little miracle baby has faced many challenges since the moment she was born. Her mother stopped taking care of her, and a loving foster family took her in. They had no idea she was only two weeks old when they took her on Christmas Eve. It was this holiday season that inspired her to name Noel.


From the moment Noel was brought home, her new family started bottle-feeding her around the clock. Their main goal was to keep her fed and warm, as they knew she would need all the strength she could muster to face the challenges ahead. In the beginning, Noelle pushed herself with her hind legs, slowly making her way in her new environment. Although she was not immobile, she had not yet mastered the art of movement.

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Over time, Noel’s family began to doubt whether she belonged to the tea breed because of her small size. They also experienced a brief period when she was unwell, requiring the use of a nebulizer to help her breathe. Fortunately, this was only a temporary setback and Noelle continued to get stronger.


From day one, Noelle’s foster family knew she would need wheels to help her get around more efficiently. They believed that the sooner she introduced them, the better, as it would become a natural process for her. The first time Noelle was wheeled, she didn’t know what to do and just sat down. However, with time and patience, she began to learn to use them and now runs outside with joy and ease.

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One of the major milestones in Noelle’s journey was learning to eat from a high plate. This showed her growth in confidence and ability. When Noelle first arrived she was timid and insecure, but now she has turned into a confident, happy puppy.

Noel’s favorite pastime is jumping on the bed, pacing back and forth with delight. She loves being around people and has stolen the hearts of her foster family and everyone she meets. With rescue animals, it’s not easy to let loose and open your heart, but Noelle’s foster family couldn’t resist her charm and determination.


In the end, Noelle’s foster family decided to keep her, knowing that she had become an integral part of their lives. Every day is a new adventure for Noelle, who is full of life despite the difficulties. Her never-give-up attitude is a testament to her resilience and the love and support of her family.

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