She left her healthy dog ​​for a quick errand and returned home to his lumbering body

We know that protecting our dogs is more important to loving dog owners. Their health, happiness and well-being are all in our hands because they are unable to take care of themselves. We have to be careful about what hidden dangers can harm our dogs, just as we do with small children.

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One dog named Wasabi recently fell victim to this hidden danger. His grandmother, Patricia Polacco, posted this Facebook:

“My daughter Tracy lost her most precious dog Wasabi to this… it was a packet of pork rinds. She went to pick up something from her friends, and less than 10 minutes later, her roommate called. He found her at the front door with a bag on her head. IF SHE KNEW…….. it never crossed her mind that something like this could happen. None of us knew!!!! Please spread the word. Chip bags, ziplock bags with leftover food, treat bags, yogurt containers, especially YoPlait, cut it all up!!!! Do not leave them where puppies and cats can reach them. Our hearts are still broken. thank you.”

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Source: WUSA9

According to WUSA 9, another dog named Menja was also killed by the snack bag. Shira Reese, his mother, told the news station about the day she found her dog dead:

“I went downstairs and found him unresponsive with a Goldfish bag around his neck,” Shira said. SUCH 9. “He was tough at that point.”

Source: WUSA9

A third dog owner, Debbie Smith, also spoke about her worst day imaginable:[He] began to swell, etc. It was simply unbearable. He was my life for 10 years. I cried like a baby for days and weeks.”

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Four dogs simply followed a natural instinct: hunger. Their insatiable appetite led to their death.

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Every dog ​​is vulnerable. It doesn’t matter how well trained they are, whether they are big or small. People who own dogs would be shocked to learn that their beloved pets could die in such a deadly trap.

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Tips for dog owners:

Keep all snack packs hidden. Another great idea is to invest in airtight containers that will fit in your pantry. It will also keep your food fresher longer and save you money in the long run. Please be careful. Their safety is at risk.

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Watch the video below and share this tip with a friend or pet owner:

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