Skeletal pit bull doubles weight thanks to ‘lots of love’

They found a dog that was so thin and sad looking that it seemed to be on the verge of death. But even in the form he was in, he was happy and excited. This dog was found lying on the sidewalk looking like a skeleton. The person who discovered him called for help, not knowing whether the dog was dead or alive.

No one knows how this dog got there and how it managed to survive.


The dog, later named Lawrence, was in desperate need of medical attention and was taken to a nearby animal hospital. There, doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to save his life. The guardian angel of the dog, who would later become his foster mother, saw Lawrence’s photo and knew she had to help him. She took him home and began the long process of caring for him.

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For several months, Lawrence’s foster mother gave him injections and pills and fed him every three hours. Lawrence really wanted to be treated, eat and even play. When he regained his strength, he began to interact with other dogs and people. Slowly but surely, the dog began to gain weight, and his once dull eyes began to shine brightly.


What made this dog‘s recovery even more impressive is that he was someone’s pet before he was found on the sidewalk. He was 100% housebroken, knew what a bed and a sofa was, and even knew how to sit on command. Lawrence was not only a survivor, but a well-mannered and loving companion.

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Over time, Lawrence’s foster mother became pregnant, and the dog‘s behavior towards her changed. He began to fiercely protect her, making sure no one came close to harming her. It was clear that if Lawrence was going to thrive and find a forever home, he needed to get away from his foster mother and find a new family that could love and care for him.


Lawrence continued to amaze everyone with his resilience and spirit. He learned to do a front somersault on grass and became an expert at performing the “zumi”. When it was time to relax, he would curl up on the couch, rest his head on his foster mom’s shoulder, and watch Netflix for hours.

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Lawrence’s journey from the brink of death to becoming the best dog ever is an inspiring story that shows the power of love, determination and the will to live. With the help of his foster mom, this dog defied the odds and became a shining example of what can happen if you never give up.

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