Someone dropped that floppy, shriveled queen covered in boo-boo

Miss Molly, a beautiful and gentle dog, had a rough start in life. She was bred and then abandoned, leaving her with physical and emotional scars. Molly’s mom, Mary Jane, found her through a link to Road dogs, the rescue organization that took Molly in from the shelter. Molly was suffering from scabies and other problems at the time, but Mary Jane knew it was her.


Mary Jane recently lost her pug, and her sister sent her a link to Road dogs, suggesting she check out the pug they had adopted. Instead, Mary Jane saw Miss Molly, the bulldog, and instantly felt a connection. Molly was only 18 months old at the time, but her appearance made her look much older due to the scars that covered her body.

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After the adoption was approved, Mary Jane and her husband drove to California to pick up Miss Molly. They did not hesitate to embark on this long journey, as they believed that it was no different from rescuing a stranded child. The homecoming was an unforgettable experience for Mary Jane, who spent seven hours staring at her new furry family member.


Miss Molly was very hurt and frightened at first, as she had never lived at home before. Mary Jane felt strongly protective and was determined to give her the quality of life she deserved. It took time and patience to help Molly overcome her anxiety and learn to trust her new family.

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Now Miss Molly is a loving and gentle dog who loves meeting new people. Despite her scars and difficult past, she has a sweet and friendly demeanor that surprises many who meet her. She waits patiently for food and treats, leaving a pool of saliva in anticipation.


Miss Molly has come a long way since her days at the shelter and her journey is proof that with love and dedication anything is possible! The precious dog is now a beloved member of her family. She is a constant shadow of her loving mother, who follows her wherever she goes.

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