The 15 Most Independent Dog Breeds for Full-Time Owners

For owners who work full-time, it’s important to find a dog breed that can handle being alone for long periods of time. Some breeds are known for their independence and ability to entertain, making them ideal for busy people. This article covers 15 dog breeds known for their independence, explaining why each breed is well suited to full-time working owners.

1. Basenji

Known as the “dog without barking,” the Basenji is known for its independent nature. This breed is not overly clingy and can entertain itself, making it a good fit for full-time owners. Basenjis are also quiet, which is advantageous for residents of apartments or places with limited noise.

2. Greyhound

Greyhounds are surprisingly low-energy and independent, despite their racing experience. They are comfortable spending time alone and are known as couch potatoes. Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for owners who work full-time, requiring only moderate exercise when their owner is at home.

3. Shiba-inu

Shiba Inus are known for their independent and almost feline behavior. They are self-sufficient and do not require constant attention, which makes them ideal for owners who are away from work during the day. Shiba Inus are also clean and relatively quiet, fitting in well in a variety of habitats.

4. Whippet

Whippets are similar to greyhounds in their independence and low energy. They like to spend time alone, relaxing, and do not need intense daily exercise. The calm and unpretentious nature of this breed makes it a good combination for full-time employees.

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5. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are large, but unpretentious in care. They are independent and do not require constant interaction, making them suitable for full-time owners. Despite their size, they are relatively inactive indoors and are ready to rest until their owner returns.

6. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small and can adapt well to solitude, especially if provided with toys and activities. They are also low-maintenance when it comes to exercise, making them suitable for busy owners. However, it is important to make sure they are well socialized to prevent over attachment.

7. Sharpei

Shar Pei are known for their aloof and independent character. They are not too demanding of attention and can spend time alone without feeling anxious. The calm demeanor of this breed makes them a good choice for owners who spend long hours at work.

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8. Basset hound

Basset Hounds are laid-back and independent, happy to relax at home when their owner is away. They are not known for being high energy, which means they do not require constant interaction and are content with moderate exercise.

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9. Akita

Akitas are known for their loyalty and independent character. They are often content to be left alone and are not overly clingy. This breed needs regular exercise, but can tolerate solitude during the workday.

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10. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are independent and self-sufficient, originally bred to pull sleds and survive in harsh conditions. They are comfortable being left alone for long periods of time, although they need adequate exercise when their owner is available.

11. Cairn terrier

Cairn terriers are small, but hardy, with a self-sufficient character. They are not too dependent on interaction with people and can entertain themselves. Their small size also makes them suitable for various life situations.

12. Fee

Dachshunds are independent and bold, able to spend time alone without worry. They are playful and curious, which helps keep them entertained while their owner is at work. Regular exercise and mental stimulation when the owner is at home is important.

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13. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are intelligent and independent. They adapt to different conditions and can withstand loneliness during the day. They require regular care and certain exercises, but are not too demanding of attention.

14. Scottish terrier

Scottish terriers are known for their dignified and independent character. They are not overly affectionate and are happy to spend time alone, which makes them suitable for full-time employment. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are still important for this breed.

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15. French bulldog

French Bulldogs are adaptable and can tolerate loneliness as long as they have toys and comfortable places to rest. They are not very energetic dogs, which makes them suitable for owners who work full time. However, they enjoy company when their owner is at home.


These 15 dog breeds are known for their ability to tolerate loneliness and are well-suited for owners who work full-time. Their independent nature combined with moderate exercise and grooming needs make them well suited to busy lifestyles. When choosing a breed, it is important to consider not only the dog‘s ability to be alone, but also its general compatibility with your lifestyle and environment.

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