The blue pit “stood on guard” in front of the hole that hid its precious supply

When a hungry blue pit bull was spotted downtown, it was clear she was feeding puppies. Out of concern for her and her pups’ well-being, a rescue mission was launched. The dog, later named Crown Candy, was hesitant at first, but eventually allowed himself to be tied up and taken to safety. The rescue team then returned to find her puppies, which she had hidden in the burrow.


Crown Candy did a great job nursing her babies and they were found safe and sound. The rescue team carefully collected the puppies and reunited them with their mother. Crown Candy and her puppies were then taken to St. Louis Stray Rescue where they were given the care and attention they needed.

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A few days later, Crown Candy and her puppies were placed in foster care with Stacey. Their foster mother, who took Crown Candy from Stray Rescue Of St. Louis, described her as a friendly dog. Crown Candy was treated to a “puppy cup” on her car ride to her new foster home, which she absolutely loved.


In the foster family with Stacey Crown, Candy turned out to be a very gentle and attentive mother to her puppies. As the puppies grew and became more independent, Crown Candy began to leave them and explore her surroundings. She also became more attached to Stacey, always wanting to be by her side.

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In just a few weeks, Crown Candy and her puppies will be ready for adoption. This rescue story is a reminder that all puppies deserve a second chance. Thanks to animal rescuers who love their work, Crown Candy and her puppies have a bright future.

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