The boy did not like to have a dog around, the new dad anointed him with his boy

Benji, a gentle dog, was abandoned after his owner no longer wanted him. His journey began when his original family used him for breeding and then gave him to a friend. Luckily, that friend held Benji until they found a shelter to take him in. Then Benji’s path crossed with Katie, who worked with a rescue organization.


The rescue could only take Benji in if they found a foster family for him, and Katie, who had recently lost a neurologically disabled dog, decided to step in and help. Despite her initial hesitation, Katie took Benji home, and two months later, she and her partner officially adopted him. Benji quickly adapted to his new life, becoming equal parts couch potato and playful puppy. His gentle nature and love for his people conquered his new family.

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However, Benji’s allergies are so severe that the vet recommended he start an elimination diet. And soon mom and dad discovered his unusual love for vegetables. Benji’s favorite vegetable is a carrot, for which he will “sell his soul”. He also loves cucumbers, broccoli, and almost any other food that is offered to him.

One of the things Katie and her partner love most about Benjy is his outgoing personality. They always know how he feels because he tells them through his actions and expressions. Benjy has a strong bond with both parents, but Cathy admits he’s a real daddy’s boy.


Neighbors and friends in their neighborhood are always happy to see Benjy, and an elderly lady who does landscaping in their neighborhood regularly brings him treats and rubs on his head. However, there are times when people will cross the street or give them dirty looks due to misconceptions about the Benji breed. Despite these challenges, Kathy and her partner love Benji very much and are proud of how far he has come.

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At first, Katie felt guilty for moving on so quickly after losing her previous dog, but now she realizes that her love for Benji doesn’t diminish the love she had for her previous pet. Benjy helped her through one of the darkest times of her life and she is grateful for the opportunity to provide him with a loving forever home.

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