The dog had been on the run for 3 years when it was finally caught and scanned for a microchip

Ella’s disappearance left a void in her home for three long years. After her disappearance, everyone wondered where she could be, but her whereabouts remained a mystery. Then, one day, reports began to appear that a dog similar to Ella was frequently seen near Butler Toyota. This place was about six miles from where she used to live, indicating that her journey over the years had been extensive and full of unknown adventures.

Image/story source: Jessica Eikenloff via YouTube video

Butler Toyota employees noticed a lonely dog ​​and had an innate desire to help her. They recognized her vulnerability and made several attempts to get close. However, Ella, perhaps due to her ancient survival instinct, was wary of people. Her demeanor was bold, making every approach difficult as she was quick to keep her distance.

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Image/story source: Jessica Eikenloff via YouTube video

Teresa Hobson, Ella’s distraught owner, never gave up hope. During the bitterly cold winter months, she put her food outside, cherishing the faint hope that one evening she might see Ella’s familiar face waiting at the front door. “Every time I put the food out, my heart kept hoping that it might be there and that it would find its way home,” Teresa admitted. “It was heartbreaking to think of her alone through the cold winter nights.”

Image/story source: Jessica Eikenloff via YouTube video

The turning point came when the Humane Society got involved. Once they were able to safely capture Ella, they immediately checked for a microchip. This simple procedure became the key to the reunion that Teresa so longed for. Thanks to the wonders of technology and the persistence of hope, the duo were joyfully brought back together, marking the end of Ella’s mysterious three-year odyssey.

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