The dog returns “mad”, soaked through and begging the family to follow her to a nearby dam

In Brisbane, Australia, David and his family had a fun day with friends outdoors. Oleksandr, their 2-year-old son, was supposed to play with Liala, the family dog-breeds/staffordshire-bull-terrier/”>Staffordshire bull terrier.

But no one paid attention when the boy disappeared from sight. The 9-year-old dog began to pull David, but the man did not think that anything was wrong.

Image/story source: dog-led-dad-unconscious-son-water-1529.html”>Lisa Brockbank, your God vine

When David noticed that Leala was soaked through and barking at him, she started barking even more erratically. The man followed the alarmed dog all the way to the nearest dam, unaware that his son was missing. David’s life was shattered when he first noticed his son’s lifeless body floating face down in the water. After the apparent drowning incident, Alexander was not breathing and Leala was clearly trying to help him on her own. Over the next few minutes, the father and his friends performed CPR on the boy, as a result of which he started breathing again.

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Image/story source: dog-led-dad-unconscious-son-water-1529.html”>Lisa Brockbank, your God vine

Oleksandr was in a coma in the hospital for two days. His vital signs were stable, but he suffered severe brain damage. Doctors were disappointed as hopes dwindled and prepared the parents for the worst – that Alexander would die or be severely disabled. After 48 anxious hours in a coma, Oleksandr woke up. Over the next few months, Alexander’s treatment continued, and medical professionals were amazed at the end results – he not only survived, but made a full recovery!

Image/story source: dog-led-dad-unconscious-son-water-1529.html”>Lisa Brockbank, your God vine

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Doctors explain that Alexander survived thanks to timely cardiac resuscitation, but David is sure that it is all thanks to his faithful dog. The consequence would have been fatal if the watchful angel had not warned him in time. Leala is a true blue hero and we adore her!


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