The dog was sitting in his dirty blue water bowl in the shade on a hot day

A dog named Bea was found chained in a backyard in California. She lived a miserable life, but thanks to a woman named Breana from the Fresno Human Society, her life was about to change for the better. Chaining dogs is illegal in the state, and Briana knew she had to do something to help.


Breana first discovered Bea sitting in a small dirty bowl of water, trying to cool off in the sweltering heat. Breana went and bought her a paddling pool, food and a new collar. Afterwards, Breana continued to visit Bea, bringing her more supplies and talking to her owners about proper animal care. Surrendering a pet is always a last resort, but in Bea’s case, it became clear that her owners could not provide the care she needed.

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After several visits, Breana and her owners agreed that surrendering Bea would be best for her. The beautiful dog was brought to the shelter, where she was understandably afraid. She only knew her previous home and now she was in a completely new environment. However, a rescue organization called Rocket dog stepped in and helped find Bea for her forever.

Bea’s new family immediately felt a deep affection for her and understood that they wanted to give her a better life and a loving home. At first, Bea was afraid of her new surroundings, but she quickly got used to her new family. She has formed a strong bond with her new mom and dad.

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Bea’s new family wanted to create happy memories for her, so they took her for a fun day at the beach. Bea really enjoyed the experience and her family was overjoyed to see her so happy. Thank you Fresno Humane Society, Breana and Rocket dog for stepping in and giving this sweet girl a better life.

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