The dog’s “year” of waiting for its deceased owner near the hospital captures hearts

In the bustling streets of Caloocan, outside the walls of the Manila Central University Hospital, the faithful senior dog remained steadfast in his vigilance. Day after day he waited for his beloved master, who was hospitalized with COVID-19 and, unbeknownst to the faithful dog, sadly died within these walls last year. This poignant story caught the attention of the animal World Fund (AKF), a charitable organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need.

Image/story source: animal Kingdom Foundation via Facebook

The dog, whose connection with the master was unbreakable, resisted all attempts of the master’s family to return him home. Again and again he evaded their custody and returned to the only place associated with the missing person. “Siguro gano’n lang talaga siya ka-attached to owner niyang namatay, that’s why he kept coming back,” says Christian Bondok, volunteer and social media manager for AKF, about the depth of the dog‘s devotion.

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As the months passed, this gentle and friendly dog ​​became a favorite in the hospital community. Security guards, doctors, students and visitors alike were charmed by his presence and, in a touching gesture of respect, began calling him Morgan after the hospital morgue he frequented in his steadfast anticipation. Hospital staff, moved by Morgan’s story, refrained from contact with the pound, fearing the worst for the devoted dog.

Happiness spread among the hospital staff when AKF stepped in, encouraged by the prospect that Morgan would finally get a chance at a new life. “They were very happy, finally someone paid attention to the dog that had been sitting there for so long. They are happy because they will finally give him a chance to start a family, since he has already lost his owner,” Bondok said, his voice full of hope.

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Morgan was taken into the custody of the AKF, who took him to their shelter in Capaz, Tarlac. There, he began his journey to recovery, regaining the weight he had lost and receiving the necessary vaccinations. The next steps for him include neutering and rehabilitation, after which he will look for a family that can meet his needs as a senior dog. Potential adopters are already lining up and their suitability will be carefully assessed by AKF to ensure Morgan finds a suitable and loving home.

Bondock, speaking on behalf of AKF, shared the broader implications of Morgan’s story: “This story of Morgan is one of many that demonstrate the ‘young devotion of pets, they truly treat their owners like family.’ He emphasized the serious commitment that comes with adopting a pet, a lifelong commitment to the animal‘s well-being.

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Image/story source: animal Kingdom Foundation via Facebook

AKF’s mission extends to community outreach, visiting malls with animals desperate for a forever home. Bondoc passionately urged the public to consider the rewards of adopting animals from rescue centers, shelters and the streets, which changes the trajectory of an animal‘s life forever. “Remember that when you adopt, you are changing an animal‘s life. You give them a second chance, you give them a family, babaguhin mo totally “yong future nila,” he encouraged.

In a thought-provoking finale, Bondok opined, “You might be surprised if it ends up in a way na parang ikaw din ‘yong na-rescue,” reminding us that when we rescue an animal, we often find ourselves rescued in return.

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