The frightened rabbit remained in the box, clinging to his ragged friend

On a cold, rainy day in London, a lonely cardboard box caught the attention of passers-by. As they approached, they heard a faint rustling coming from inside. To their surprise, they discovered a small trembling rabbit lying in a pile of old newspapers. The rabbit, later named Nigel, held on to an old teddy bear for comfort.


The teddy bear that Nigel was holding onto was tattered and missing one of its button eyes. But the teddy bear, despite its frayed edges, brought the bunny the love he so longed for. With his “encouraging, friendly smile”, the bear was his only friend while Nigel faced the cruelty of his abandonment.

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The moving sight prompted passers-by to take action. They carefully lifted Nigel and his teddy bear out of the box and took them to the animal rescue center. Veterinarians examined Nigel and found that, despite his ordeal, he was surprisingly healthy. Throughout his time at the rescue, Nigel refused to part with his faithful teddy bear, who seemed to bring him comfort and solace.


As Nigel began to recover both physically and emotionally, a kind family stepped forward to offer him a forever home. This new home welcomed not only Nigel, but also his faithful bear. With the love and support of his new family and the steadfast friendship of his teddy bear, Nigel has learned to trust and love again.

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